“The Brazilian economy is at a delicate moment.  Will it become a leading global location for start-ups based on technology innovation – and for the venture capital that supports such activities?  There are reasons to be optimistic.  But, as this MIT Sloan report emphasizes, we should not get carried away.  There is a great deal of work that remains to be done, by government, by entrepreneurs – and by venture capitalists themselves. Hopefully, this report will be widely read – and this can facilitate an in-depth discussion of the issues that need to be resolved.”

Simon Johnson (Ronald A. Kurtz (1954) Professor of Entrepreneurship; Professor of Global Economics and Management)

Our team from the MIT Sloan recently concluded an in-depth study* of the Brazilian venture capital ecosystem, its current state, and how it will likely evolve over the next five to 10 years.  We conducted extensive research via industry publications, online sources, and academic papers, interviewed over 20 VCs and ecosystem participants, and spent one month on-site exploring Brazil’s VC ecosystem first-hand.  The resulting study summarizes the participating VCs’ inputs into critical takeaways for any venture capitalist or entrepreneur interested in Brazil, lays out multiple paths down which Brazil’s VC ecosystem could evolve, and projects the most likely evolution in the near-term future.

* Download study: MIT Brazil VC Study 2012-2013.


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Ideiasnet (BOVESPA:IDNT) is a pioneer venture capital firm operating in Brazil since 1999. They aim to give support and autonomy to entrepreneurs, with a long term vision and focus on the Brazilian market. Focusing on companies in a development stage between Early Series A and Growth Capital, they believe in the creation of value through growth, using expert knowledge in markets of interest and tangible contribution to entrepreneurs and their companies. Ideiasnet invests primarily in the areas of digital commerce, digital media, software, mobile, technologies for education, health, and the financial industry.


The Global Entrepreneurship Lab is the flagship international internship course at MIT Sloan. The course links teams of MIT Sloan MBA students with entrepreneurs in emerging markets from Ghana to India, Uruguay to Vietnam. The students share their knowledge, experience, and research with these business owners, helping them deal with such immediate challenges as internationalization commercialization, financing, and marketing. Meanwhile, the students gain experience in global environments and put their management skills to use. Currently G-Lab focuses on developing markets in Latin America, China, India, & Southeast Asia, and on global health delivery in Africa.